maandag 7 maart 2011

Too much creativity a barrier for innovation?

Some weeks ago I passed the roundabout on the picture. At first sight, a nice example of creativity. After I drove three times around the 'art work', this became for me a metaphor for the imminent inefficiency caused by too much of creativity in some organisations. Sometimes I support companies where the entrepreneur expresses every day new interesting ideas. He just knocks them off. However, these companies most of the times don't excel by succesful innovations. After all, innovation should bring discipline within the creative process. At a certain moment, an exit has to be choosen or the passengers in the 'car heading towards innovation' will become dizzy. And it is just this competence that very creative organisation lack sometimes.

Choosing a good exit requires a rational framework to check the real value of ideas. Is your new product really new? How will it fill in a real customer need? What is the market potential taking into account possible cannibalism on your existing products? Can you handle the further development risks? A clear list of criteria will help you rationalize the selection process, chosing the ideas with the highest potential and thus taking the 'write exit'.

Maybe you can share your experiences with companies that keep on turning around on theire creative roundabouts?

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